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Robert Sale-Hill’s poem, The True Origin and History of “The Dude” (The New York World, January 14, 1883) introduced the world to the word Dude, and kicked off a full-on Dude craze. A-Dude-a-Day[i] Blog is dedicated to preserving and sharing pics, pieces and poems from the early days of the Dude-craze of 1883. You can read more about the history and origin of the word Dude on my blogpost, "Dudes, Dodos and Fopdoodles" on my other blog, Early Sports 'n' Pop-Culture History Blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dude #21 - Returning the Dude

Columbia: Here, Britannia, take this thing.  He is a constant Mortification to me, and an object of contempt with his brothers.  As he is ashamed of his native land and prefers you to his own mother, it is a pity you should not have him.

Britannia: No, no, my dear, I will not deprive you of such a citizen - and that thing at best is b ut a cheap imitation of an atrociously bad article.

 Life, Volume 1, page 163.

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