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Robert Sale-Hill’s poem, The True Origin and History of “The Dude” (The New York World, January 14, 1883) introduced the world to the word Dude, and kicked off a full-on Dude craze. A-Dude-a-Day[i] Blog is dedicated to preserving and sharing pics, pieces and poems from the early days of the Dude-craze of 1883. You can read more about the history and origin of the word Dude on my blogpost, "Dudes, Dodos and Fopdoodles" on my other blog, Early Sports 'n' Pop-Culture History Blog.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dude #35 Rogers & Peet - "Too, too!"

During 1883, the men's clothing store, Rogers & Peet, capitalized on the "Dude" craze by running a series of ads featuring "dudes."

This is the second of the series. [See also, Prudence vs. Imprudence, A Yankee Dude'll Do, and Dude - from Swahili?]

As with its earlier ad (Dude #34), Rogers & Peet again skewers the "Dude" (this time by name), criticizing his choice of a short overcoat.  They also criticized "old fogy clothiers" who continued selling long overcoats, despite changes in fashion.  Instead, they recommended buying a new, fashionable, middle-length overcoat - at Rogers & Peet, of course.  The expression, "too, too," used to describe the happy medium, was a then-current, lah-de-dah phrase associated with dandyism, dudism, and the aesthetic movement associated with Oscar Wilde:

The Sun, March 22, 1883.

The now celebrated “Dude” wears his overcoat too short because he is a “Dude;” the Old Fogy Clothiers try to make sensible people wear theirs too long just because the aforesaid O. F. C.’s have made up long-tailed overcoats and afterward discovered that styles do occasionally change.  Our spring overcoats are neither too short, nor too long, but a happy medium that every man who regards the appearance of his attire will appreciate.

We would like nothing better than to keep our entire force busy during the next two weeks showing our finest spring overcoats to gentlemen who never buy ready-made clothes.
Rogers, Peet & Co.,
Men's and Boys' Outfitters,
569-575 Broadway, 
Metropolitan Hotel

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