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Robert Sale-Hill’s poem, The True Origin and History of “The Dude” (The New York World, January 14, 1883) introduced the world to the word Dude, and kicked off a full-on Dude craze. A-Dude-a-Day[i] Blog is dedicated to preserving and sharing pics, pieces and poems from the early days of the Dude-craze of 1883. You can read more about the history and origin of the word Dude on my blogpost, "Dudes, Dodos and Fopdoodles" on my other blog, Early Sports 'n' Pop-Culture History Blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dude #28 - A Dude a Dodo?

Whether it is vulgarly and ungrammatically derived from the verb “to do” and is indicative of the frequency with which the youth belonging to the class in question is taken in and done for, or whether it is a bold attempt to foist the extinct dodo upon us by a shallow transposition of two letters, is a mystery.

New York Mirror, February 24, 1883, pages 2/5 (referenced in Comments on Etymology, Vol. 43, no. 1-2, page 35).

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